Another post in our series on Creating Azure (hosted) WordPress Websites without knowing php or MySql!


An update of a WordPress plugin or theme for our Azure hosted WordPress website(s) fails to load. This causes an immediate problem because the old version of the plugin or theme was already deleted from the website in the update process! This is a ‘scary’ one – especially if it is the theme that is deleted from the website. Time is of the essence to get the website fixed and secured with the latest updates.

This is a screen shot of a failed update and deleted plugin:


The solution is the same for either a plugin or theme that has failed to upload the new upgraded file and the active folder of the theme or plugin has been deleted from the website. Interestingly, the settings or customizations persist elsewhere within WordPress because once the solution is finished, everything returns to as it was before the update failure.

First, download the most recent zip copy of the failed theme or plugin.

  1. Reinstall zip within WordPress Process

Try to reinstall the theme or plugin from within WordPress. (In every case for our websites, this #1 process failed!)

Navigate to Themes > Add Themes > Upload Theme > Choose File > select the locally saved Theme zip file > Install Now.

If you get the ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ WP warning message – you could try again – but chances are after the first failure, you’ll be caught in the failing loop:

2. This is the sure-solution! Upload the latest updated theme or plugin zip to the website’s infrastructure using Azure Kudu.

Access the website files by going to the Azure Kudu environment for the website. Navigate to the Themes folder:

Site > wwwroot > wp-content > themes

Note that the entire theme (Divi in this case) folder is not present – only the child-theme’s folder is present:

Drag the theme’s zip file from the local computer onto the Kudu interface – and it will begin to load:

Restart the website from within the Azure portal:

Go back to the wp-admin/themes page of the website, and the uploaded theme will be present again:

The website will ‘magically’ have all the content and theme customizations present!

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