To setup Azure SQL Database, first there needs to be a logical server created that the database(s) will reside on. Then from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), either from within the Azure Portal or from a remote machine with SSMS and a registered IP address, the database(s) can be created.

Create a SQL server (logical server)

1.In Marketplace, add ‘SQL Server (logical’ into the search bar and select beginning the setup process that Azure leads through.


2. Create server-level Firewall Rule – to allow remote client’s IP address to connect to the server.

NOTE: The SQL Database firewall on the server can be opened to a single IP address or an entire range of addresses. Opening the firewall enables SQL administrators and users to login to any database on the server to which they have valid credentials.


3. Connect to SQL server using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), using the latest edition of SSMS from client (to be most compatible with Azure). Use the FQN of the Azure logical server. for the Server name:


Creating a new (empty) database in the Azure Portal:

View the new database in Azure Portal and in SSMS on client (after refreshing SSMS)

Creating a new Database in SSMS onto Azure logical SQL server from a remote client IP address: