While working with multiple Enterprise teams as an Azure Consultant, I repeatedly use, modify and add to a deck of PowerPoint slides that I customize for communicating Azure concepts to team members in various departments. Some of the slides are combinations of elements and/or concepts from all the Diagram Sources below.

Diagram Sources:

While it is helpful to have the Visio files available for download from some of the Microsoft Documents, I’ve found it is faster to work with clients using PowerPoint. Diagrams in PowerPoint are very simple for me to work with, to customize for each client quickly and to present during remote communications with teams. (The Microsoft Visio diagrams also provide icons and design elements to use in your own PowerPoint presentations.) When possible, we’ve given the link to the Microsoft pages where the original diagrams are found.

Hopefully, you’ll find my PowerPoint slides useful in your Azure Consulting work as well. Download links for the PowerPoint slide decks are provided on each diagram post/page.

1. Governance – 3 slides
2. Hub and Spoke Network – 7 slides
3. Security
4. S2S, P2S, Express Route – 2 slides
5. DevTest Labs – 4 slides
6. Tools – 11 slides
7. Nginx – 6 slides
8. Miscellaneous – 4 slides
9. Icon Sets – 6 slides