While it is straight forward to install the entire Office 2019 Suite using a downloaded ISO file to a PC desktop, this is how to install only select programs of the Office 2019 Suite.

Office 2019, like Office 2016, is a Click-To-Run installation process, with no customization allowed on a basic install. All of the programs in the Office 2019 Suite are installed – including Publisher, Access, Skype for Business etc. Once the installation is complete, the extra unnecessary programs cannot be uninstalled, since the option is no longer available in the Control Panel using the ‘Change’ option. Change is not active – it reverts to only giving the Repair options now.

Complete Installation of all ProPlusOffice 2019 Suite – 8 programs:

Change doesn’t ‘change’ by allowing the uninstall of extra installed programs anymore:

Customized Installation of Office 2019 Professional Plus

1. Uninstall any currently loaded Microsoft Office Suite version(s) via the Control Panel (the new installation will fail if a previous Office version is still installed.) Be logged in as an administrator to the vm!

2. Download the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool

3. We have a Professional Plus Office 2019 ISO and user licence key already downloaded.

4. Mount the Office 2019 ISO file, and then copy/paste the full set of files over to a new Office 2019 directory


5. In this example, the new Office 2019 is on the E drive. Rename the pasted setup.exe file, since a different setup file will be used in this customized deployment:

6. Eject the mounted drive.

7. Extract the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool downloaded in Step 2, into the new folder with the copy/pasted Office files in Step 5:

8. Create a configuration xml file in a text editor and save to the same folder (Office2019 in this example). Below is the one that I used. Note that I’m NOT installing Access, Publisher, Skype for Business etc. The programs I don’t want to install are defined with the ExcludeApp ID property. Read here for more info on creating the configuration xml for use with the Office Deployment tool. You may need to adjust the Path, change the Product ID etc. for your customized installation.


<Add SourcePath=”E:\Office2019″ OfficeClientEdition=”64″ >

<Product ID=”ProPlus2019Retail”>

<Language ID=”en-us” />

<ExcludeApp ID=”Access” />

<ExcludeApp ID=”Publisher” />

<ExcludeApp ID=”Groove” />

<ExcludeApp ID=”Lync” />

<ExcludeApp ID=”skypeforbusiness” />

<ExcludeApp ID=”Teams” />




The 3 extra xml files created by extracting the Office Deployment Tool, can be deleted:

9.  While holding down Shift key, R-click anywhere within the directory with configuration files to open an admin mode PowerShell prompt (if your signed into the vm as an administrator.

10. Use the following code at the PowerShell prompt and then hit enter key:

.\setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

It takes a few moments, and then you’ll see the Office splash screens showing that the process has begun, and then which Office programs are being installed:

11. To enter a Product Key rather than use a Microsoft Account, select the “I don’t want to sign in or create an account” option after starting one of the installed Office programs (I wouldn’t start with Outlock, because of the configuration required there for using email!) Copy and paste in your Product Key and then sign the license agreement…all set to go, with no extra programs installed.