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While some cloud users are evaluating AWS vs. Azure, many enterprises are planning to use both cloud providers to avoid vendor lock-in and latency while creating redundancy. While Azure is now the clear #2 in public cloud behind AWS there are some notable differences between how the two hyper-clouds operate and the best practices for deploying workloads in each to create a multi-cloud solution that can optimize for cost and performance. The session will cover:

• AWS vs. Azure differences for compute, networking, storage and pricing.
• Recent and coming enhancements for AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.
• Multi-cloud environments can be complex so let’s discuss the best practices for cloud deployments when using both AWS and Azure.

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Here is the link to my presentation that you can view online or download:

The ‘quiet time’ before the UG members arrived while the UG organizers were busy getting setup. The Microsoft office in Southfield, MI is an excellent venue.

MIGANG has the best food quality and quantity I have ever seen at a UG. It is actually better than some 1 day conferences I have attended.

The food and drinks and attention to detail made it feel more like a ‘mini’ conference. Lots of great choices for hot sauce…

A lightning talk by Ondrej before the featured speaker….Me! A great turn-out and a great audience. It was definitely worth the 4 hour drive to meet so many interesting people at the UG.

The MIGANG UG executive were great! I enjoyed meeting many of them…even Ryan! 🙂

Thanks Ondrej for the invitation to speak at the MIGANG UG. You are a great host and I look forward to talking more in the future on my next visit.

Chatting at the after-party at Shield’s Restaurant Bar Pizzeria.

Interesting conversations with interesting people.

I am looking forward to more conversations at future visits.

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