The latest version of PowerShell, version 5.1 was released for WS2012R2, WS2012, W8.1, W2008R2, W7 SP1 on 1/19/2017. The WMF 5.1 version of PowerShell is already running in WS2016 and W10 machines.

Release Notes
Install and Configure

WS2016 and W10:

1. Installation for WS2008R2 (and W7 SP1)

Install .NET Framework 4.5.1 (if required) > Restart > Verify Installation
Install WMF 5.1 > Restart > Verify Installation

1. Have all current Windows updates installed on 2008R2 SP1 machine

2. Download the WMF5.1 Package and Prerequisites for W2008R2, choosing 32 or 64 bit options.

  • Unblock the Install-WMF5.1.ps1:

3. Check for current version of .NET Framework installed in Control Panel > Programs and Features:


  • NOTE: .NET Framework 4.5.X version is the minimum requirement. If .NET 4.6 is installed, it is not necessary to uninstall. .NET 4.5 will not install if .NET 4.6 is already installed.

  • Install the .NET Framework 4.5 exe file and reboot the machine after installation complete.
  • Verify that the updated .NET Framework 4.5 installed via Control Panel > Programs and Features

4. Open PowerShell as an Administrator and check that the Execution Policy will allow scripts to be run.

  • Get-ExecutionPolicy
  • If it returns Restricted, then run:
    • Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • Check to find the current version of PowerShell installed:
    • $PSVersionTable

  • Navigate to the folder of unzipped files (in this case it is the E:\Downloads folder):
    • Set-Location E:\Downloads
  • Run the script:
    • .\InstallWmf5.1

  • If the prerequisites are found, then the WMF5.1 upgrade installation will begin.

  • Restart the machine at the end of the installation > Verify installation via Control Panel > Windows Updates > Update History

  • Verify the successful WMF5.1 installation in an elevated PowerShell session:

2. Installation on WS2012R2 (and W8.1)

1. Have all current Windows updates installed on the WS2012R2 machine.

2. Download the WMF5.1 Package 

3. Open PowerShell (PS) as an Administrator and check the current version of PS installed:

  • $PSVersionTable

4. Double click on the MSU file downloaded and the installation process will begin:

4. Restart the machine > verify successful installation of WMF 5.1 via Control Panel > Programs and Features > Installed Updates:

  • Verify the successful WMF5.1 installation in an elevated PowerShell session: