High Concurrency in SQL Server 

January 27, 2017 – 63 attended

Ken Cenerelli welcoming everyone to the user group with news and updates from around the technology community. A warm welcome and introduction for the speaker: Michael Swart.

A full house with user group members.

A lot of new members tonight including students from Conestoga College.

Matt and Natalie with big smiles for the camera.

Extra chairs were put out and they were filled to the end of the room.

Michael Swart sharing his knowledge on ‘High Concurrency in SQL Server’.

Michael Swart has everyone’s attention for his talk.

Time for a mid-talk break – to stand-up and socialize.

Sharing some laughs during the break.

Pieter Geerkens engaging Michael Swart with some in-depth questions.

Final words from Ken Cenerelli, prize draws and wrap-up the night.