Operation M.A.X: Building a Smart Help Desk Bot


This is a FREE full-day technical training event in Conversations as a Platform, guided by Microsoft experts, where attendees will build an entire A.I. enabled assistant from scratch. All labs are available in both C# and Node.js.

Who should attend?

This event is for developers who want hands on experience with creating chat bots for multiple platforms from a shared codebase with Conversations as a Platform.


  • Intro & bots in the real world
  • Creating your first “Echo” bot with the Bot Builder SDK
  • Submitting help desk tickets with the bot
  • Making the bot smarter with language understanding (LUIS)
  • Implementing a help desk KB with Azure Search and Cosmos DB
  • Deploying your bot to the cloud
  • Adding user sentiment analysis
  • Implementing human handoff
  • Back-channel communication

This is an interactive workshop. To get the most from your session, please bring your laptop and power supply. In addition, the following software is required:

FITC-2017.09.24 – Mickey MacDonald

FSTOCO-2017.10.22 – Margaret Ostapchuk