While struggling to get a plugin working on a DEV copy of the blog site, and responding to suggestions from the plugin developer on changes that could be implemented based on the log file error results – we did some fine tuning of the DEV website’s Azure App Service Application Settings. Since the DEV site worked well with the changes (but not the plugin yet – that’s another story to follow!) the changes were done on the PROD website too.

Application General Settings Before the fine tuning:

  • PHP version = 5.6
  • Platform = 64-bit
  • Always On = Off
  • ARR Affinity = Off

Update Process:

On the mirrored DEV site where all testing is done first, before any changes are made to the PROD site:

  • First – make a new Back up copy of the website in Azure
  • Do each change and Save individually
    • > restart the website
    • > navigate to the website front-end and test UI functionality
    • > test connection to the WP back-end and test functionality
  • Do next settings change and repeat the process
  • When all changes have been successfully done and tested, then repeat the process for the PROD site

Changes Made: 

  • Upgrade PHP version from 5.6 to 7.2
  • Set the Platform as 64 bit
  • Set the site to ‘Always on
  • Turn off the Affinity Cookie

On the DEV site, it was necessary to use Azure Resource Explorer ( Portal > Web App > Development > Resource Explorer) to turn off the ARR Affinity. For some unknown reason (to me!) the portal UI wouldn’t accept the change:

Resource Explorer > Data > Edit > scroll to /Microsoft.Web > sites > website > change “clientAffinityEnabled” attribute from true to false > PUT: