May 10, 2017 – 42 went

During this talk, we reviewed how you can easily provision and manage a Dev-Test environment in the cloud, move existing environments into the cloud for testing, then back to on-premises datacenters with relative ease, less complexity and comparatively small cost. All of this will help you meet the needs of your teams faster and manage Dev-Test environments with more visibility and control.

•  How the cloud can accelerate traditional software development and testing
•  Maximizing return: The game changing scale and economics of the cloud
•  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) vs Platform as a Service (PaaS)
•  Connecting on premise resources to the public cloud
•  Securing cloud infrastructure using existing investments and processes
•  Automation – saving time and money managing infrastructure deployment
•  How cloud apps are different: elastic capacity, redundancy, backup and recovery
•  Addressing organizational concerns: security, cost, and control

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Thanks for coming out for my presentation! You can find the slide deck and download it at the following location:
The video slides have URLs listed for viewing the videos online.

It’s always great to chat before the event starts. Here are Ryan Kajiura, Daryl Smith and Jack Lee catching up before the presentation starts.

Lots of pizza for a lot of hungry user group members.

One brave user group member biked over to the event through Toronto rush hour traffic. Great bike!

The always cool and dapper Jack Lee chatting before the start of the user group presentation.

It’s always fun to talk to and spend time with Ryan Kajiura‏.

Enjoying pizza and getting ready for the start of the presentation.

Jack Lee welcoming everyone to the North Toronto .NET User Group.

Jack Lee is a great MC.

…and then Ryan Kajiura jumps into the spotlight as well. 🙂

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