Another post in our series on Creating Azure (hosted) WordPress Websites without knowing php or MySql!

To get started, you will need an Azure subscription associated with a Microsoft account. Learn how to do that here.

In the Azure Resource Manager Portal, go to New > Search > WordPress > choose the WordPress option from WordPress > opening the WordPress (by WordPress) blade > Create

App Name: This will be the website name on the domain (which we will change later to a custom domain name)

Subscription: Select the subscription for the website if you have more than one

Resource Group: This is the ‘container’ to hold all the Azure elements of the new website – eg. Service Plan, Website, and the MySql database for the website.

Database Provider: We chose ClearDB  – This is a third-party provider and it will cost you a monthly fee based on the plan chosen

App Service Plan/Location: Create a new App Service Plan in the closest area to you. We’re selecting the B1 Basic Service Plan, the minimal plan to allow Custom Domains and SSL Support. This Service Plan can host up to 3 different website instances.


Note on the pricing tier ticket, that Daily Backups are not available on the B1 Service Plan. Once the website is running, it only takes a moment to upscale to a higher plan. We’ll be using that convenient upscaling feature to temporarily upscale to an S1 Standard Service Plan, to be able to run backups/restore for the demo website(s).

Database: Create a database name, selected ‘Shared’ Database Type, set the location of the database and select the Pricing Tier (Titan in this case):

Legal Terms: This must be accepted/purchased when using the ClearDB database provider:

Pin to dashboard: Select to have the website accessible from the subscription’s dashboard

There will be a notification that the website deployment is in progress as well as a dashboard animation:


Open the new App Service/website to the Overview blade of the new website, by selecting it from the App Services icon in the left navigation bar or from the pinned App Service on the dashboard:

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