For this example of applying an SSL certificate:

  • The web app has a custom domain applied that points to the Azure app. Read here for how to set up a custom domain for an Azure app.
  • The web app is running in Basic 1 Tier (pricing/features)
  • The SSL certificate has been purchased from a trusted certificate authority (CA), and is a wildcard certificate for use on multiple different domain websites on multiple servers, saved in .pfx format.

1.In Azure Portal > specific Web App > Settings > SSL certificates > Upload Certificate

2. In the Add certificate blade, browse to where the PFX Certificate File is located. Add in the Certificate Password. Upload 

3. With the uploaded certificate listed now on the SSL blade > SSL Bindings > Add binding

4. In the Add SSL Binding blade, Add in the Hostname of the website (Custom domain), select the certificate, and indicate the SSL Type > Add Binding:

Notifications will show successful operations – that SSL has been enabled for the Azure web app.

Verify that the https address resolves correctly.

To enforce HTTPS on the web app address, read here about how to define a rewrite rule in the web.config file.