This InvalidQueryParameterValue XML error occurred when attempting to connect to 3 different URL’s associated with a static website being hosted by an Azure storage account and Azure CDN.
1. The CDNs Endpoint hostname URL:

2. The Origin hostname (of the Azure GPv2 Storage Account) URL:

3.The custom domain SSL URL (provided by the Azure CDN) of an Azure storage account hosted static website. Only HTTP protocol is working as evidenced by the ‘Not secure’ prefix).

The problem is that the asset files sitting in the Azure storage account are not accessible by either the Origin hostname or the CDN endpoint to be properly displayed. The custom domain name can only display what is provided to it by the DNS CNAME pointing to CDN endpoint – and in this case – no style info is provided.

4. The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) endpoint shows that Custom HTTPS IS ENABLED with an SSL certificate successfully deployed:

5. The Azure Storage Account has its access level set to a public setting, so the asset files ARE available to the CDN endpoint:

A new CDN Endpoint ( was created from the CDN profile blade (NOT at the storage account level option which puts in the default <storageaccountname> subdomain)

Set the Origin type to “Custom Origin” (not Storage!) and selecting the Primary endpoint name of the blob storage:

Following the steps outlined here a new custom domain name was created for the CDN endpoint and a new SSL certificate assigned.

The new CDN endpoint & custom domain name, as well as the Primary Endpoint URL of the storage site, all supplied the static site assets:

CDN endpoint URL:

Custom Domain URL:

Blob Storage Primary Endpoint URL: