Register an Azure Active Directory Security Principal – PowerShell

An Azure service principal is a security identity used by applications, services, and automation tools to access designated Azure resources. The service principal is a ‘user identity’ (username and password) with an assigned role/permissions in Azure Active Directory (AAD). The service principal should only need to do specific things, unlike a general user identity. In this example, a new Service Principal will be created in AAD and assigned to an Azure Resource Group. Read here for the steps to register a new Service Principal using the Azure ARM Portal

Using PowerShell

1. #Login to Azure Subscription

2. #Declare Variables


Install and Configure Azure Let’s Encrypt Extension for Azure WordPress Web App

Check the completion of all 8 preparation steps outlined in Preparations for adding Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate to Azure WordPress Web App

  1. Update App Service Plan
  2. Update Web.config for Certificate Renewal
  3. Delete binding of any currently installed SSL certificates
  4. Assign or create a storage account for the process
  5. Add 2 Application settings to website
  6. Register an Azure Service Principle
  7. Permissions added to Resource Group/Subscription
  8. Gather config info & paste text file for configuring the Lets Encrypt Extension

Now the Azure Let’s Encrypt Extension can be installed & Configured

1. Portal > Web App > Development Tools > Extensions > +Add > Choose Extension > Azure Let’s Encrypt > OK