Azure Stack is an On-Prem Hybrid Cloud Extension of Azure

Azure Stack Shipping September 2017

On July 10, 2017, Mike Neil, Microsoft CVP (Azure Infrastructure and Management) announced that Microsoft Azure Stack would start shipping in September 2017. The Azure Stack GA software was delivered to Microsoft’s hardware partners HPE, Dell EMC, and Lenovo to start the certification process for their integrated systems. You can read Mike Neal’s full blog post here which also covers pricing and ordering.

Here are examples of Azure Stack integrated systems from Microsoft’s hardware launch partners. As you can see from these proof of concept hardware configurations, these Azure Stack integrated systems are running much more than the minimum/recommended hardware specifications.


Convert a WordPress blog Internal Storage to using Azure Blob Storage 

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A new WordPress blog site (hosted on Azure PaaS) had become bloated with images uploaded directly to the website’s Media Library after only 20 posts. WordPress automatically adds in 3 versions (various resolutions and a thumbnail) of each image, as do some themes and plugins, so the wp-contents/uploads folder was overloaded by at least 400%! When we needed to move the website to a different location & subscription, the native WordPress ‘Export/Import Contents’ did not work reliably enough for such a large number and size of image files. A website Restore operation doubled the size of the websites next backup. Initially we tried using various WordPress plugins to clean up the bloated mess before doing the website migration, but that didn’t get us far – and caused more problems.


Convert the WordPress website to using cloud based storage slimming down and speeding up the website. In this case, we migrated the existing images videos and other website uploads to an Azure Blob Storage container.