DevOps in the Cloud for Software Development & Testing

May 10, 2017 – 42 went

During this talk, we reviewed how you can easily provision and manage a Dev-Test environment in the cloud, move existing environments into the cloud for testing, then back to on-premises datacenters with relative ease, less complexity and comparatively small cost. All of this will help you meet the needs of your teams faster and manage Dev-Test environments with more visibility and control.

•  How the cloud can accelerate traditional software development and testing
•  Maximizing return: The game changing scale and economics of the cloud
•  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) vs Platform as a Service (PaaS)
•  Connecting on premise resources to the public cloud
•  Securing cloud infrastructure using existing investments and processes
•  Automation – saving time and money managing infrastructure deployment
•  How cloud apps are different: elastic capacity, redundancy, backup and recovery
•  Addressing organizational concerns: security, cost, and control