Boston Code Camp Conference 2017

Boston Code Camp 2017 (BCC27)

What is a Code Camp?
Since their inception by members of the local community here in Greater Boston more than 14 years ago, the concept of Code Camps has spread around the world and strengthened many local developer communities. Code Camps are all about developers sharing knowledge with fellow developers in an open format and an informal setting.
The first-ever Code Camp was held at the Microsoft Northeast Region office in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The Code Camp Manifesto:
The original Code Camp Manifesto was published by Thom Robbins in December 2004.

By and For the Greater Boston Technical Community
Boston Code Camp is a day of presentations by and for the Greater Boston and regional technical community. The Code Camp organizers encourage presenters to share a diverse set of technologies, and submissions by a range of presenters from new to highly experienced, and local to regional and national.


Create an Azure WordPress Website – Introduction

The introduction post in our series on Creating Azure (hosted) WordPress Websites without knowing php or MySql!

  • Do you need to set up a blog, quickly and cost effectively?
  • Do you need to build a private ‘page-centric’ wiki or a public support site?
  • Are you not conversant in PHP or MySQL or the security vulnerabilities of an ‘out-of-the-box’ WordPress website?
  • Are you looking into new WordPress cloud hosting options?

We’ve found the answers for you!


Microsoft Azure provides a powerful, secure, reliable, scalable, highly-available, pay-for-what you-use, cost effective cloud platform to build and deploy enterprise-grade WordPress websites with Azure Backup and Azure Blob Storage services. You can have a WordPress website up and running in just a few minutes.

While setting up the WordPress installation on Azure is straight forward, guidance for building out the rest of a functional WordPress website setup is less structured and not clearly documented for those of us not familiar with WordPress, Php and MySql development. There IS an almost overwhelming amount of WordPress configuration information available online, but it takes a lot of time to sift through even one topic to find what will work optimally for what you are trying to build.

In our case, we started with building a public technical blog on WordPress from Azure Marketplace – that was hacked with an additional 25 webpages, and persistent invasive code, within the first month! That moved us into researching & implementing security hardening of a WordPress site, Azure backup and restoration options. (more…)